I help bring beauty entrepreneurs and change agents’ ideas, brands and products to the marketplace by coaching them from concept to launch and beyond. I do this quickly, efficiently and for far less money than a standard launch by helping them avoid wasted energy endless researching without direction, wasted effort going down the wrong rabbit holes, and additional unnecessary costs and supplier choices that can take years to recover from.

I work with my clients to skip past production and logistics landmines in a way that creates massive success, helps generate more income and a solid, profitable business that blesses you and has an impact in the world.

I bring 15 years of experience to this practice through founding and running a very profitable, natural makeup company, Afterglow Cosmetics. During that period, I developed over 170 skus, manage an in-house and distributed team, sold many millions of dollars in cosmetics, reached international distribution, as well as fame and media recognition as being on the leading edge of what’s possible for green cosmetics.

I would love to support you to make your beauty dreams a reality too!

If you’re interested in pursuing a conversation, click below to schedule a free discovery call to see if working together a fit for you.

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